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We do WordPress Consulting!

We are an Annapolis web design company specializing in WordPress sites.  Take your business to the next level by providing your customers with a beautiful and user friendly website experience.  Experience the thrill of converting website visitors into customers.  Get help with your WordPress questions here.


Have a project that’s not complete and not sure how to finish?  Designer quit without finishing the job?  We can get you back online and making money again.


Just need to have your website maintained?  In many cases we can do that for as little as $50/month.  Maintenance plans can include backups, security monitoring, updates, analytics, fixing broken links, content revisions and additions and more.

Cheap and easy Websites

Got content and images? Willing to let us decide on design concepts and user experience? If you want us to build a website that’s fewer than 8 pages, we can usually do that for as little as $3,000.

WordPress Training

Want someone to show you how to get things done on your WordPress site?  Have one little problem that’s impacting your entire site? Contact us if you’d like some one on one training.  We use Zoom!  We’d love to help!

User Experience Expert

We have a user experience expert and project manager on staff.  Let us guide you efficiently through the website build and launch process with a site that wows your users and gives your business the results you’re looking for.



Make money while you sleep.  We can set your website up to put money in your bank account while you’re running the other aspects of your business.




Having trouble setting up Woocommerce?  Need to make a change to your php files and not sure where to begin? Site going all wonky and tech support not answering?  We can help!

WordPress Meetups

We run a WordPress Meetup group in Annapolis.  We meet once a month.  We’d love it if you joined us.  Bring your WordPress issues so we can help!



Having trouble being found?  We use a combo of apps and guru knowledge to help you get found by the users you seek.


Do you have an animal rescue site that needs to be set up, updated or maintained?  We love animals and give deep discounts for all animal rescue sites.

Custom Website Builds

We can build your website from top to bottom.  Our user experience expert can help you attract the type of user that can take your business to the next level.

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