How to choose photographs for your website


Here’s why good images are important:
  1. Websites with good images get more views
  2. Images help you show up in search engine results (through meta data)
  3. Images can win you the click
  4. Website images fuel social media. Great images can play a major role when it comes to spreading the word about your business on social media.
  5. Perhaps most important of all in your choice of a great image for your website banner is quality. Great images let your users know that you have put good sense and effort into making your website look great. This is a reflection on your business also.
Here’s why you need to have a good landing (or Home) page photo:

The huge website banner, often referred to as a hero image, can be an effective tool for marketing messages if done correctly.  The message is the most important part. The photos are a great accent for selling your goods, services and information.

When deciding what photo to use, think about what you want to say first.

Here are the characteristics of good photos:

They have good composition
They capture emotion
They tell a story
They generally has good lighting and detail
They are generally aesthetically pleasing

A good photograph must make the viewer care, or feel engaged. How it makes a viewer engaged can be achieved in different ways, composition, light, the choice of subject – any or all of these.”

 More often than not – Here’s why we can’t use the photos you chose:

They don’t convey a message

They’re out of focus

They don’t go with the colors of the site

They don’t provide a good background for the primary message of your website

They’re not relevant to the (marketing) message for your website